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Current Projects

Client: Valley Metro Rail, Various Contractors

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Date: 2005-Present

Install and test stray current and cathodic protection systems for underground utility relocations. Perform all rebar continuity, rail boot and track-to-earth testing for Line Sections 1 thru 5.

Client: US Navy (Worldwide Cathodic Protection Design/Build Contract)

Location: Minot AFB Minot, North Dakota

Date: Present

Design and install replacement rectifiers, anode ground beds, test facilities and flange isolation kits for the underground hydrant fuel piping system. Re-energize and perform testing of the new system.

Client: Dulles Transit Partners

Location: Dulles Metrorail Extension Northern, Virginia

Date: Present

Design, install and test stray current and cathodic protection systems for utilities and structures associated with the new WMATA Metrorail Extension.

Client: Eastern Petroleum

Location: Maryland/ Northern Virginia

Date: Present

Design and install supplemental cathodic protection and maintain existing CP systems for (45) forty five service stations underground storage tanks.

Client: Baltimore MTA and Light Rail

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Date: 2005-Present

We are responsible for testing and troubleshooting of track-to-earth resistance on both the heavy and light rail. We are also monitoring various cathodic protection systems.

Client: Fort Myer Const./ DC WASA

Location: Washington DC

Date: Present

Value Engineering and installation of a galvanic cathodic protection system on ductile iron watermains.

Recent Projects

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC)

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Date: 2008

Repair existing cathodic protection systems on POL Tanks and Lines. Installed new anodes and test stations in POL Yard on the JP-8 line. Performed annual compliance survey.

Client: CPF Underground

Location: Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC

Date: 2008

Installed and tested (2) two 300' deep anode ground beds, rectifiers and test stations for new steam and condensate conduit.

Client: Amports

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Date: 2008

Design and install a supplemental galvanic cathodic protection system for an existing 500' sheet pile wall.

Client: Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC)

Location: Yokota Air Base, Japan

Date: 2007-2008

Perform testing and repairs of existing cathodic protection systems on Hydrant Fuel Systems. Survey and design cathodic protection systems for the heat distribution piping Basewide.

Client: Lowest Price Service Stations

Location: Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia

Date: 2003-Present

Design, install and/or test new and existing impressed current cathodic protection systems on underground fuel storage tanks. Provide troubleshooting and repair services.

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